Open Data Day Hackathon Intructions for Participants

What you'll be doing as an Open Data Day Hackathon Participant...

Join the VODDay-Hackathon Slack Channel

Join into the VODDay Hackathon Slack Channel to start chatting with participants and ensure you get important updates. We will be using the channel throughout the hackathon.

Got a team? Create your own slack channel to work together and share files between your team. Ask an VODDay mentor for help if needed.

Sign up page to for

Email or tweet @OpenDataBC if you have issues with the invite!

Review the competition categories

Based on the prototypes shared by hackathon teams, a panel of open data hackathon competition judges will pick a winner for each of the following categories.

You may want to focus on a category while flushing out your idea.

Don't forget to review the full challenge details for each category here

Pitch an idea / or pick an awesome idea to contribute to

After the day's opening remarks - we'll have some time for you to pitch an idea and draw in new team members to help you work on it during the day.

Build or join team

You can add your team info beforehand or during the hackathon - but don't miss it! We need it for the final presentations and to ensure you receive your prizes!

Begin to pull together your VODday Project GitHub Repo to collect all your project information.

Find your data sets

Check out the Hackathon Resources page for suggestions on some great open data sets and other resources.

You'll need to include a list of the open data sets you used for your prototype in either the
google docs VODDay Teams Page, or your own [GitHub Repo]

Need to host some data?

If you download data sets, feel free to upload them onto the Open Data Portal to make them easier to work with (and more accessible for all).

Here's how:

  1. Create an account to add data sets here

  2. Add your data sets on the Datasets page

Hackaway on your prototype!

Create GitHub Repo for your project

Create a Github Repo with all you project information using our handy VODday Hackathon Submissions template. Just fork our repo, and edit it to make your own.

The Repo should include: - Team Name - Challenge - Prototype Problem Statement - Prototype Summary - Open Data Sets - What Open Data Sets Will You Use? - What Open Data Sets Do You Still need? - Prototype - Link to prototype - Link to presentation or other supporting visuals - Next Steps - Progress

Add the link to you project GitHub Repo together with your teams info into the google docs VODDay Teams Page.

If you can’t make your own GitHub Repo, just add the info above into the google docs VODDay Teams Page.

  • Make sure your team contact info, and presentation links are updated in the google docs VODDay Teams Page

  • Tweet a link to prototype to @OpenDataBC with #VODday.

Present your Prototype

Demo your prototype to the competition panel.

You will have 5 minutes for your presentation and 2 minutes for questions from the panel, or audience.

The panel will always be given priority for questions.

You can connect your laptop up to a project, or borrow the OpenDataBC laptop.

Things to consider in your demo:

  • Share what challenge you are addressing

  • Share your approach to solving the problem / addressing the challenge

  • Talk about its value - how will it help people, or what story will it help tell ?

  • Identify who the intended audience is for your project / app?

  • Show your prototype – live, or screenshots / mockups / protoype tools.

  • Going Mobile? Show how it is accessible on a mobile device. Take screenshots or have the audience use their devices to test out the prototype.

  • Share what open data you used

  • Share what open data your projects still needs (or would benefit from) and why

  • Talk about what worked well today, & talk about challenges or set backs

  • Talk about the vision and potential of your idea, what’s the big picture