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    Summit Slides

    The 2014 Canadian Open Data Summit is now complete. Slides for the talks can be found here. Photos and videos for the talks will be posted when we have finished editing them.

    Welcome to OpenDataBC

    OpenDataBC is a collaborative effort by a group of B.C. citizens. We want to help all of us to have better access to information, so that we understand our government better. To answer questions such as how goverment spends our money, and what data is used to make decisions on our behalf.

    You can use this site to find the open data that is available about British Columbia. Maybe you are looking for an answer to a specific question, or perhaps you are curious about what data is available.

    We believe that open data helps to promote innovation, because citizens can use government datasets to build applications, ask better questions, and provide alternative answers and solutions.

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    Interested in open data in British Columbia? Please join in on the conversation in our google group and like us on our facebook page.

    Please note: This site is not affiliated with nor is it endorsed by the government of British Columbia. It is created by a group of citizens who care about the province of British Columbia and want to help make data in the province more usable.

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    The Open Data Society is a non-profit, member-driven organization created to promote and support open data initiatives in BC.

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